Work in Progress

  • Divorce Law Reforms, Matrimonial Regimes and Family Behavior (with George-Levi Gayle and Andrew Shephard)

  • The Intergenerational Effects of Parental Leave Policies: Exploiting Forty Years of Variation in Generosity and Eligibility in the U.S. (with George-Levi Gayle, Andrés Hincapié, and Dohun Kim)

  • Quantifying the Long-Term and Intergenerational Effects of Conditional Cash Transfers (with Minsung Park)

  • Inequality and Intergenerational Mobility: The Disparate Impact of COVID-19 in the Presence of Informality (with Mariana Odio-Zuniga)

  • Parental Time Investment and Intergenerational Mobility: The Role of Paid Parental Leave on Child Development in Germany (with Alexander Monge-Naranjo and Mariana Odio-Zuniga)

Other Publications (in Spanish)

Pobreza, Genero y Diferencias en la Participacion y Ocupacion en el Sector Informal en Mexico, with Juan Argaez, Cuadernos de Economia, 39(79) 279-301. January 2020.